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Goeas Field
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Goeas Field.  The infield

As you can see the infield is getting greener. This past sunday 7/8 it really looked nice. Even these brown spots are starting to turn green. Hope I don't have water problems!


The pitchers mound is now the correct size. 18 feet in diameter. The bare spots in front of the pitchers mound and batters area has been replanted with burmuda grass. The field is now starting to look like a baseball diamond. Keep the pitchers mound covered when not in use.


As you can see we are now working on the warning track behind home plate and the 1st and 3rd base lines. The field is starting to take shape. We will be working on the bullpens in the near future. One on each side.

Goeaswork Goeaswork1

Looking good! Only have about 200 feet to go to get the warning track down by the outfield fence. If you look close, you can see the weeds coming back after only a couple of days. Weed killer is next!

GoeasBackstop GoeasWarningTrack

As you can see the warning track from the 1st base dugout to the backstop is now weed free. Believe me when I say it wasn't easy. Chopping out the grass/weeds and using weed killer was hard work. The 3rd base side of the field is next. Anyone have access to a sod cutter? Sure would make the job easier and faster.


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