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Rules of Conduct

OBL Rules of Conduct


The following is a compilation of all field rules. To be on the safe side, please apply ALL of these guidelines to EVERY field. Those who fail to observe this page will face consequences.

Acquiring fields to play on doesn’t happen overnight. It takes an enormous amount of time. However, we can be uninvited much more quickly than we are invited. Using the excuse, “I didn’t know”, doesn’t apply, ever. Sometimes these people may not look or act the part, but they may be the very people who authorize the use of the facilities on which we are guests. If your actions cause the League to lose games at a field, you’d better have a comparable field, or better, to take its place. The same respect will be given to all umpires as well as your opponents (and teammates).

Field Managers/Coaches: Do not play ineligible players (un-signed waiver form), ever…no exception. This is one rule where there will be extreme sanctions levied against the player and yourself.

Conduct Rules

No metal bats. This is a wood bat only League.

Do not use profane language, alcohol, controlled substances or chewing tobacco.

Do not smoke anywhere on or near the playing field. Especially High School Fields.

No fighting or boisterous conduct.

Stay on the warning track, when on deck (not on grass!!).

Do not take batting practice on the field before or in between games of doubleheaders. No infield practice.

Do not (intentionally) throw or hit balls into the fence.

Do not play pepper in front of the dugouts (outfield only).

Do not jump over fences to gain access to fields if gates are locked (Keehi Lagoon).

Warm-up, throw and stretch in the outfield, not in the infield or in front of the dugouts.

No animals on the field or in dugouts.

No non-rostered players (i.e. children, fans, girlfriends or wives) are permitted in the dugout or on the playing field.

Do not park illegally to avoid a towing or parking ticket.

Pick up all trash, litter, bottles, etc. after each game, even if it’s not yours.

No glass allowed on the field or in dugouts.

If the umpires call the game (rain), do not practice on the field. If the field looks unplayable, it’s probably unplayable.


Most fields, Radford and Kapolei High Schools, will provide field preparations and maintenance, however, you should still leave the field in the same condition in which you found it. There is never anything wrong with asking maintenance personnel if you can help. If you are responsible for field maintenance (we are at most fields), make sure it gets done. Both teams will pitch in, the home team will be held “responsible.” There is nothing wrong with telling the guys working the dirt how you appreciate their effort and how good the field looks, nor does it take any time or effort. On the few fields where we are required to help with maintenance, please observe the following:

Rake dirt out of and away from the grass and do not place tarps/carpets on the grass…dirt only.
Fill in any holes on the mound and/or batters boxes before putting on tarps/carpets.
Put away all equipment (including bases if needed) and lock storage areas/field (Ala Wai).
Lock up field, if applicable (Keehi Lagoon/Ala Wai).

Think before you do something you’ll regret!

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